Role of Technology in 21st Century Classrooms /Back

  • Apr 23, 2020
  • Admin
  • What's the role of Technology in Education?
  • Technology assisted classrooms bring in the much required skill set of the 21st Century. COLLABORATION. Technology Helps the learners & teachers inside and outside the classroom to collaborate and discuss the ideas & learning concepts.
  • With collaboration, the ease of gathering information from various sources becomes a child's play.
  • With the cloud becoming more popular and secure, online learning is already becoming a standard practice not only in Higher Education but also in K-12 Schools. Learning materials provided by NCERT, SCERT, NPTEL are all available for the learners and teachers for free. Integrating Activity based learning modules becomes easier with cloud connect and enables the learners to develop their creative skills.
  • Most teachers are lifetime learners themselves who strive to keep up with and employ best practices. Technology offers ready access to information, as well as tools for easily integrating it into lessons, enabling teachers to efficiently build expanded lesson content
  • Providing meaningful feedback is one of the most powerful ways to increase student learning and achievement. With the help of technology, teachers can today quiz their students individually and record their answers and results. This enables the teacher to develop a personalized learning plan for each learner.
  • Technology is making it easier for teachers to integrate today‚Äôs proven teaching strategies into their classes.