Time for a Change /Back

  • Mar 30, 2020
  • Admin

The ongoing pandemic has already created so much havoc on the human kind and will continue till a cure is found. While I am sure that a cure will be definitely found but by that time, the human world would have gone through a big transformation.

Most of them are thinking that post the lock down period, things would get back to normalcy and life would roll as it was before. Here's my prediction post the lock down period.

Life will get tough and become tougher, as this global lock down has brought a grinding halt of the economy wheel. No one is sure as to how the world leaders will react post the lock down as every country is looking inwards and trying to protect its citizens from this dreadful virus.

Globalization will take its back seat. More & more countries will try to become indegenious. Work from home will slowly become the normal practice till the vaccination is found. This will take away a lot of conventional jobs and will force many to quickly adapt themselves to newer ways of delivering yesterday job practices.

China would emerge much stronger as an Economic superpower and could potentially become the New HQ’s of Globalization.

The new globalization would create a less open, meaner and a smaller world, as each country will look inwards to develop their economy.

As newer life practices evolve, there will be a lot of job cuts and employee reduction in many companies and the people at the bottom of the social pyramid will fall out. This will become the biggest challenge to face, for the governments of the day.

Am curious to see how the teaching community will transform to this new challenge. I have been personally advocating to many Educators to adopt the digital way of teaching learning in their institutions, but the need of the hour has pushed many to seek newer ways to adopt the digital way. Teachers who had already taken the initiative to learn the digital way of teaching have and will continue to survive this change.

Time will change and this time the change will be tough. As the cliche goes, while the situation gets tough, the tougher gets moving.

My sincere prayers for a speedy recovery not just from Corona, but also from the Global recession that's looming on us.