My Inspiration @ Work /Back

  • Mar 30, 2020
  • Admin

It was my second job of my career, that I had met this man Krishnamurthi Venkatachalam, fondly called as Chalam. Till I met him in 1997, I was a very aggressive salesperson and post meeting him, I became a relationship manager, then a sales manager.

I heard him as my competitor during my first job @ Apex Computers Pvt Ltd, selling Tandberg Data & Sony Tape drives for Data backup. Only Time knew that both of us would work as a team and he would eventually become my Inspiration.

Chalam is a person who always wears a “never say never die attitude”. For the entire organisation he was the backup source for any challenge which we would face during that time, not that he would have a solution but he would help us to understand the challenge from a different dimension. Working with him was always learning something new, as he would let his team explore and experiment with the sophisticated expensive tape drives. Unlike the technical bosses during those times, who were reluctant in sharing any information about the newer technologies, he would unconditionally, continuously brief us and kept us always ahead of time. One of the reasons that all his trained men are either entrepreneurs or industry leaders, today.

It was during one of the Business trips in 1998, that a thought provoking question came up and till date both of us are searching for an answer. Neither me or Chalam can forget that trip from Coimbatore to Madurai and the 6 hours of soul searching we did during the Journey. Since then, I have always turned towards every crossroad of my life till 2002, not that he would give me a solution but as always he would present the crossroad in a different dimension and help me choose the right path. Till date, I regret for a decision which I took against his advice, which landed me back to the rapid high speed lane in IT distribution and missed the opportunity of learning the Manufacturing operations.

Chalam was the General Manager - Technical Marketing of Ingram Micro India and was heading the Data Backup Solutions Division and he is currently the Director of Fortune Computers Technologies Pvt Ltd, Bangalore, which he co founded in 1994.

More than a boss he was a guide to many of his team mates, who have become industry leaders today. Saying Thank you would be a cliche but I truly appreciate you for spotting my talent and offering your unconditional support to help me grow and shape my career.