Google for Education Certified Trainer /Back

  • July 19, 2021
  • Manoj Sundaram

Proud and Happy to share that #GoogleforEducation has accepted & inducted me in to their Global Group of Google for Education Certified Trainer.

"Google for Education Certified Trainers are experts in delivering strong 1:many professional development. They train fellow educators on how to make the most of Google tools and support them as they redefine learning through the use of technology." (Courtesy - Google for Education Webpage)

Now K-12 Schools and Higher Education Institutions in India can leverage on my strengths to empower their educators to effectively use technology in the Classroom.

Besides Google for Education Certified Trainer, Am a Microsoft Certified Educator, Apple Certified Educator & Viewsonic Certified Educator. Connect with me to build an effective technology for your Hybrid Classrooms.