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  • September 24, 2021
  • Manoj Sundaram
The 5 Best Ways to Motivate Yourself and Others - Improve Our Quality of Life

Staying motivated and inspiring others is a challenge that many people struggle with in their daily lives. However, motivation can be achieved through simple things such as remembering the significance of every day and appreciating all that you have. Motivation can also come from outside sources such as talking to someone who has been there before or reading about how motivation affects different aspects of life. There are many ways to motivate yourself and others, so keep on reading for 5 helpful tips!

1. Staying motivated

Remember that motivation can be beneficial to both you and others around you every day - no matter the situation. One of the best ways to obtain motivation without having someone push it on you is to set your own goals; reflect on what has led you up to this point.

For example, if you work in an office setting, motivation can come from the simple fact that everyone needs to get their job done by a certain time. Motivation comes into play when thinking about how management will perceive your actions and what could happen as a result of not completing tasks on time or at all. Knowing this information is motivation itself! Being able to motivate yourself is a great thing for both personal and professional success. But motivation can be hard if you’re working with people who are difficult or unmotivated themselves, which might affect your work environment in negative ways. You have two choices here: remain positive and supportive by continuing to do good work no matter what others.

Hence the first thing to do to get motivated is to create a Goal List for the day, week and month. Set targets and achieve them.

There are multiple ways on how you can motivate yourself, some of which include: Reminding yourself that “failure means nothing but a chance to begin again” - Henry Ford. One of the most motivational quotes in history.

Another way is to imagine yourself doing the task already and how it will feel if you’re finished or have achieved that particular goal. This mindset allows you to get excited at just the thought of achieving your goals. If this doesn’t work, try looking up motivation videos on YouTube - there are tons of them.

2. Set a goal for yourself and others

Setting goals is an essential part of motivation. It allows you to dream about what you want in life and work towards it, while holding yourself accountable for the daily tasks that will get you where you’re headed. Once your goal becomes more concrete, share it with others so they can help keep you motivated along the way. This creates a sense of urgency and motivation for both you and others to work towards the goal.

If this method doesn’t appeal to you, try creating a vision board of your future self. Imagine where you want to be in five or even ten years from now - living in that house, driving that car, with those people surrounding you - and place it somewhere prominent so that it continuously reminds you to stay on track. This way you are motivated enough to stick with the goals you set out for yourself.

Finally, visual motivation - get a vision board! This has been shown to be an amazing motivation booster. Why? Think about it, when you have something in front of your eyes and remind yourself of why you are doing what you do, this will bring motivation on its own! If a vision board and a sense of urgency don’t inspire you, give those around you something to work towards as well! People love being part of an exciting endeavor that they can contribute to rather than just feeling useless in your journey. This will allow others also to contribute to your success and also help themselves to stay motivated

Remember, motivation doesn’t come from one single source and neither should it be a one-time event. Instead, motivation needs to come from multiple angles so that you never lose sight of your goals! So what are some other ways you motivate yourself? Or how do you inspire others around?

3. Get the right tools to achieve your goals

Having the right tools to achieve your goals is one of the best motivation techniques out there. It means that you are prepared to get your hands dirty and work hard at achieving what you have set for yourself.

Having the right tools, whether it be physical or mental/emotional can help give motivation a real solid boost! The right motivation will ensure that you’re working continuously in the right direction.

When motivation is at its lowest, it’s time to get the biggest motivation boost out there! So what are some of these tools you ask? Here are just a few:

A clear roadmap - when in doubt, have a plan. Knowing where you are going or being unsure about which direction to go can be very demotivating. A clear road map on how to achieve the Goal with clear timelines will help bring motivation to the surface.

A team of champions - who’s in your corner? Who has your back and believes in you no matter what?! Having people that believe in us is an amazing motivation boost! It just feels so good when someone says “I got your back, I know you can do this!” As the cliche goes " A flock of birds in flight is more powerful than one alone "

4. Create a plan of action with deadlines, milestones, and rewards

It's critical to have a clear and well-written strategy for achieving your objectives. The majority of us fail to achieve our goals because we lack a plan of action or milestones linked to them. We are all busy, but that does not justify putting off until tomorrow what should be done today. You must set daily targets for yourself and stick to them so as to see the best results. Take into account that even small daily tasks will take you closer to your goals - the road to success is full of them!

If you are working on a project or business, make sure everyone involved understands what they need to do and by when. This means having clear deadlines for each task with an estimate as to how long it should take to achieve the Goal. Once you set a deadline, give yourself and others motivation by telling them that you will present what has been done to the rest of the team at an appointed time on.

If your motivation comes from within, it is easier for you to reach your goals - motivation through other people might be stronger if they know why something needs doing and how it affects their daily life.

On the contrary, if you are working on your personal goals, then break your larger goals into smaller tasks that are easier to accomplish. Instead of relying on motivation, break down the steps you need to take in order to achieve your objective into manageable chunks. Every time you finish a step, check where you are with it. Another way to check in with yourself is to set up a routine and once a smaller task is achieved, do an analysis of what went right in achieving it. This way, the learning can be used to rate the next task.

This also means that motivation is not needed as you can see what steps are still to be achieved and keep on working towards it until your goal is reached by the end of that day or week at least. The motivation will come from seeing how far you have gone in achieving your goals already and this motivation should carry through the rest of the action plan.

Celebrating the smaller success goes a long way in making you achieve the larger Goal Set. So pamper yourself when you have achieved a smaller goal and this will make you more confident in achieving the larger goals.

5. Hold yourself accountable by sharing your progress with others

Sharing your success, however small or larger is very important in motivation. In order to get motivated, you need something larger than yourself to fight for. People will never achieve their objectives completely or even at all as long as they don't hold themselves accountable. By sharing your success you are not only motivating yourself but inspiring others to create their success stories. With motivation, you can achieve high results in much less time than it would normally take.

Most people in the world are in constant search of motivation.

  • By sharing your success on social media or watch party, you are not trumpeting yourself but in fact inspiring others to create their success stories.

  • By sharing your success story, you are also reinforcing yourself to stay on the right track in order for you to achieve your goals.

  • By sharing your success, you not only motivate yourself but inspire others as well creating a better quality of life around us.
The 5 Best Ways to Motivate Yourself and Others - Improve Our Quality of Life

It’s hard to stay motivated day in and day out. However, motivation can be achieved through simple things such as remembering the significance of every day and appreciating all that you have. Remembering why your objectives are essential can help you keep them in the forefront of your mind when things get tough or when distractions appear to be too compelling to ignore.

Setting a goal for yourself is only half the battle; it takes planning, accountability, milestones, deadlines, rewards...and most importantly following through with what you promise yourself (or others) in order to achieve said goals! Take some time today to think about what motivates YOU? What does motivation look like in YOUR life? What steps do YOU need to take TODAY so that this changes tomorrow?

This blog post will hopefully encourage people around the world, showing how even minor adjustments may make a significant difference in people's lives, both large and minute